Coile and Associates, INC

Landscape Design:   Landscape Design deals with design primarily in the outdoor environment.  Landscape Designers create predominantly from a pallet filled with natures fruits.  While most design professions generally create their works on a macro level with a broad brush stroke, the Landscape Designer works on a more micro level with an intimate knowledge and appreciation of plants, soil science and plant science.  Landscape Design is not limited to the aesthetic arrangement of plants and plant beds but is in general more oriented towards meeting those needs for clients.


Landscape Design is a profession that varies greatly in acknowledgement and certification from state to state.  Many universities provide degrees in landscape design and many states have established professional recognition for it as a practice.

Master Planning:  Master Planning involves site selection and plan designs for properties ranging in size from 1 1/2 acres to 250 acres (or more).  Included in this process is the evaluation of sites to determine maximum capacities as they relate to land size, characteristics, local zoning and group needs.  These services have been extended to churches, camps, resorts, corporations, small businesses and other groups wishing to establish a base and consider growth potential.

We have developed an approach to working with groups that enables committees, boards and other governing groups to verbalize and visualize long range objectives.  Establishing a balanced, phased approach toward long range objectives is critical to efficient use of land and space.  With adequate data in hand, groups generally find they receive a substantial savings in professional fees.

Design Build:   Part of the frustration experienced by individuals taking on site improvement projects is found in managing the different companies involved in pulling together the intended design and end product.  Design Build  incorporates the design, management, implementation and maintenance of projects into one simple plan.


Allow us to visit your site, discuss your needs and site's potential, dream with you about creating the space, budget to carry it out, manage the implementation and nurture the environment with extended stewardship programs.  We can create a site that will bring you enjoyment, natural beauty and maximum fiscal return.

Our design build partnership (Coile Landscape Group) exists with our in-house partner Bolingbrook Land Design, INC.  Bolingbrook is a licensed, bonded and insured company providing professional landscape construction, planting, irrigation, lighting and maintenance.  The staff of Bolingbrook are well trained, courteous and professional.

This is a design-driven process.  We embrace the architectural style of the home, the natural character of the site, the microenvironments that are existing or created by the changes and create a design that anchors and unifies the home to the site.  We are not limited by a pallet that is dictated by a retail sales lot and the materials that are present at any given time.